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About Us

We have always striven to offer a highly professional service and central to our philosophy is the need to produce our shows at large mainstream theatres. Our productions have run at Middlesbrough Theatre, Darlington Civic Theatre and the Gala Theatre, Durham. As well as staging major productions we also offer a range of activities designed to develop drama skills and stimulate interest in theatre related arts. Such activities include dance training, drama workshops, film making, communication and voice development, costume making and scenery design. We also run workshops for schools in the North East region.


Our programme offers a broad range of opportunities for both training and personal fulfilment. To maintain our high standards we work alongside a variety of professional drama, dance and singing coaches, along with volunteers, schools, members of our local communities and other art and theatre groups. We currently operate for five days each week. We strive to ensure our service is as inclusive as possible (whilst retaining the unique identity of the company).

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